Five performances of the Collectif barbare in public spaces, stemming from the experimentation of the earlier “Atteintes à la pudeur” (“Breaches of modesty”).

Five actions which question the relationship between passers-by and public space, between art and civil society, and which are characterized by the ambiguity of their form, suspended between staging and distortion of everyday reality.

They play with the dynamics of the place and the codes of behavior it generates, the perception of the spectators, the unexpected and adaptation, interaction, decontextualization and associations. It is a process that requires openness on the part of artists who are ready to take on the public’s and passers-by’s gaze. The factor of the unforeseen requires participants to adapt and react quickly and effectively to the people they are confronted with and the space in which they find themselves. Such manipulation of the inherent dynamics of a space induces mechanisms specific to this situation.

What defines public space and what are the patterns and rules of behavior it induces? What is the difference between behavior in the private sphere and in a public space? And where is there room for tolerance?

A meeting point is also a place for questioning.

WITH: Collectif barbare and friends




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