Hansueli Trüb is the only one in Switzerland today to create shadow theatre with the technical possibilities of today. “SHADOWS” is a succession of small scenes in which the shadow player loses himself, plays, has fun and finds himself again. Only light, shadow and music are the actors in this huge space. The shadow player raises his projection surfaces like the sails of a boat, blows the wind through them with fans and casts off. With the help of Christian Kuntner (live music, sound) and Astride Schlaefli (direction), Hansueli Trüb takes the audience on a journey through a world of light and shadow.

From the darkness comes light, with it appear shadows, shadows, silhouettes, noises, rhythms. Is it a workshop, a laboratory, the shadow player’s studio? Is it the big city that turns, the record player? Or the fantasies of a confused mind in the head of the same? The railway cuts through rows of houses, cuts its way through the wind-swept rain, melts the outlines of the sysiphe shadow player into space and makes them dance to sounds that seem to come from everywhere and nowhere.
A panopticon of light and shadow, sound structures and fragments of sound transform the carousel into a gigantic experimental laboratory from which it is impossible to escape as long as a spark of light still burns and transforms the space into a cosmos where the shadows are in control. Dimensions fade, sounds appear and disappear – only a breath of nothingness remains. A memory of the light when it has gone out.

SPIEL Hansueli Trüb
REGIE Astride Schläfli
SOUND – Christian Kuntner
MASCHINEN – David Merz
LICHT Jan Humbel
TECHNIK Lucas Hallauer
FOTOGRAFIE Chris Iseli, Fabrice Nobs
GRAFIK – André Hartmann